Apples, picked and preserved

Nine Years.  That’s how long I have been living in Switzerland.  What a twisty, turn path it’s been!  It has had its ups and downs and sidesteps, but overall I am quite happy to call this country home.  I can’t say there has been culture shock here, but rather cultural refitting.  So much was similar to the US, but so much also slightly different.  Little … Continue reading Apples, picked and preserved

Procrastination and Inspiration

I’ve been searching for inspiration.  Well, that’s not exactly accurate.  You see, I have too much inspiration.  Everywhere.  For everything.  First, there is this nice little pile of yarn that I’ve been wanting to do something special with for the past 10 months (yes, I know it’s hidden in little baggies – that’s part of the surprise).   And I finally know what to do … Continue reading Procrastination and Inspiration