Feeding the Beast

Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? Today, Day 3, the sourdough starter was HUGE! Apparently, we have some serious yeast in the air, since I was supposed to “see some activity”. Hmmm….in any case, lots of bubbles, and a roasted pear-like aroma. Sweet.

So now, for the next 3 or 4 days, twice a day, I need to feed the starter. As I am fairly lazy when it comes to making bread, I simply stirred the starter to get the air out, plopped the container on the kitchen scale and took out 150 g of starter. What I took out went into the trash – I know, I know…there might have been some use for it, but it is weekend, which means I have very little time to play around in the kitchen.

Anyway, I added 100 g of plain, white flour and 100 ml of tap water to the jar, gave it a stir and left it semi-covered. Now twice a day, I am supposed to feed this monster; basically, every 12 hours. Unfortunately, it appears to already be noon, so I have no intention of staying up to midnight tonight to feed it. I have a child, and I am done with my midnight-feedings for 3 years now. So there.

So my plan is to take a look at it before I go to bed – perhaps add a smidge of flour and water around 9 p.m. or so, and then deal with it in the morning. If all goes well, by Day 7 I should have a very fragrant and bubbly starter, ready for baking some bread!

It’s alive!!!!!!!!

In other happenings, Sock Madness has taken control, along with the demands of gardening (Gardening is a whole post on its own soon). The pattern is Diamond Duality, by Liz Harris, an incredibly talented designer. The pattern is truly lovely to knit, but for some reason I am struggling with the very simple color work. My hands just were a bit awkward feeling yesterday (could it have something to do with the very large G&T I drank before dinner???).

So it’s not my neatest color work. Nor am I in love with the colors I chose. The yarn itself is lovely: Plucky Knitter’s Primo Fingering. But the colors I had on hand were a bit…boring. I mean, I have a HUGE stash. Obscenely huge. Plus, I actually wanted to day up some of my Canon sock yarn, as it’s really great for color work, but I am out of some materials, and the package hasn’t arrived yet for my citric acid (it’s long overdue). Anyway, I then wanted to use a lesser-known dyer’s yarn, as I want to support the smaller dyers, but I couldn’t find any that would work with this pattern. Anyway…back to knitting and then out to the garden!

Messy, messy…

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