New Yarn! Food! Tree! Squash!

Let’s start from the beginning: I have some new yarn in stock! I have been waiting for months and months and months for my supplier to get their alpaca sock yarn back in stock – they had a whole shippment that they lost due to water damage, and it took them a while for their farmers to restock suffiencent amounts. But anyway, after a very long wait, I present to you:

Zvieri Sock: The Lux Sock Yarn!

Ideal for socks and other knitting projects. 4-ply and very hard-wearing. Since it is loaded with baby alpaca goodness, it is super soft and scratch-free, making it perfect for accessories worn around the neck, as well as feet (and hands).

  • Materials: 75% alpaca / 25% polyamide
  • 100g – approx. 400 m 
  • Needle size: 2 – 3 mm
  • 4 ply construction

Zvieri is a Swiss German word and translates to ‘at four’. It refers to a small meal or snack people in Switzerland eat around 4 pm. This snack is customary for almost everyone in Switzerland; school children, families, working people and university students all like to share a Zvieri at some point during the afternoon.  In the summer months, fruit or even an ice cream is not unusual to have, while in winter, especially leading up to Christmas, mandarin oranges, peanuts and cookies are quite common.  

Speaking of Christmas – the holiday season is kicking off. We raced against a massive (and very, very cold) rainstorm that was approaching and purchased our tree this year – best one yet! We go to the same farm every year to get our tree. We used to live at the base of the hill that it is located on, and walk up there to admire the view, purchase squash, apples, etc. But we never had a tree until our daughter was born. Now we have a tradition of buying our tree from the family there, and usually taking a walk afterwards. This year, however, it was quite wet, and as we are all fighting a cold, it was deemed better to return to the warm house with some tea and set up the tree.

To finish the evening, we had a festive meal of stuffed saddle of Reh (young venison), sauteéd kalettes, celeriac mash and a spiced cranberry chutney.

Oh, and we bought a giant butternut squash as well.

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