Introducing Dolce

Growing up, my mother always claimed we had a separate stomach just for desserts. No matter how full you were, there was always room for a little bite of sweetness to end a special meal.  Sweets were a luxury for me, as I was only ever allowed a dessert when we went out for dinner or at a party.  I always looked forward to going to a potluck with my mother, since she could make some mean desserts: cakes, trifles, bars, pies…mmmmm.  But one treat that really sticks in my mind from childhood are cannoli.  One of my mother’s friends would go visit her family in New York, and she would always bring back some cannoli for us.  It really made an impression I guess, since cannoli are still one of my favorite sweets ever!

Oh, Turin – so much good food in that city!!!

Since I didn’t have them that often, I still rarely eat sweets, preferring for them to be something special.  Of course, as one gets older, one cannot eat with the reckless abandon of youth, so when I eat a dessert I want it to be something really special.  

Hello, Italian food (again – yes, I have a weakness for Italian food, and am very fortunate to live so close to Italy)!  Dolce means sweet or dessert in Italian – and that’s simply what this yarn is – it is a lush, rich dessert for your hands! I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to list this yarn as part of my regular stock, when I first ordered the bare skeins.  But once I had it dyed up and in my hands, I knew that this was something special! It is soft, it shimmers and photos cannot do it justice (perhaps I need a better camera?).  

Currently, I have just 2 skeins in stock, as a trial of sorts.  If there is interest (and I hope there is!), I will definitely be dyeing up more.  DK-weight, luscious Mulberry Silk and Merino (50/50) yarn.  250 meters of lush yarn, perfect for accessories or an indulgent sweater or wrap.  This is the yarn to use for that special pattern for that special person.

I know one shouldn’t photograph in direct sunlight, but it’s the only way to show the GLOW!

Material: 50% Mulberry Silk / 50% Merino Wool

100 g = apx 250 m

Needle size: 3.5 – 4 mm / 4 – 6 US

4 ply construction 

For a sweater in size  EU 38 you need ~ 400 g of yarn

Care: Hand wash, gentle in cool water with pH neutral soap.  Do not agitate! 

Notes: Due to the variation of water chemistry, your yarn may bleed a small amount – take care mixing colors and pre-washing your skein is recommended if knitting with contrasting colors.  

Always alternate rows and skeins for patterns using more that one skein.

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