Introducing Meze – Sport Weight

Meze are small dishes, or appetizers, served in parts of the Middle East, the Balkans, Greece and North Africa.  Gathering around a table filled with  little dishes on a hot evening with friends is one of summer’s great pleasures – especially after a long day of work. 

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Turkey twice – once as a tourist, and the other time as a working geology student. Both times were amazing, but the second time – the time when I was actually *living* there – was by far the best. I had the honor of working alongside a great group of talented, funny and fun geologists. After a long day in the field, we always looked forward to eating the watermelon that had been cooling in a cow trough by our van (better than it sounds – I guess you had to be there). Life’s simple pleasures. We also always looked forward to when our group leader would return from a day of shopping in town, bringing back something delicious, which we would devour like a pack of hungry wolves. Needless to say, I Never really had a chance to photograph food that much…it disappeared too fast!

My MEZE yarn is very versatile and has many uses, inspired by the vast variety of foods that encompass meze.  Sport-weight, 100% soft and squishy Baby Merino.  350 meters of loveliness, ideal for shawls, wraps, sweaters, hats, mittens, nose-warmers; the list goes on and on.  

Material: 100% super wash baby merino wool

100 g = apx 350 m

Needle size: 3 – 3.5 mm / 3 – 4 US

4 ply construction 

For a sweater in size  EU 38 you need ~ 400 g of yarn

Care: While this is super-wash, and can be washed in cool water in a washing machine, I recommend hand washing, gentle in cool water with pH neutral soap.  

Notes: Due to the variation of water chemistry, your yarn may bleed a small amount – take care mixing colors and pre-washing your skein is recommended if knitting with contrasting colors.  

Always alternate rows and skeins for patterns using more that one skein.

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