Introducing Zakuska – Bulky Weight

ZAKUSKA (plural zakuski) originates from Russia and many Slavic countries, where it can be served as an appetizer, but often a plate of zakuski can serve as a meal itself.  My experience with zakuski is from my travels in Bulgaria, where I indulged in many cheese-stuffed dishes that would fuel a day’s explorations.  Bulgaria is a country that is constantly changing and evolving – each visit brings a surprise. And to this day, the best tomato I have ever eaten in my entire life was bought from a veg vendor on the streets of Sofia.

My ZAKUSKA yarn can be used as a single skein to produce a hat or other small accessory, or combined to make a “meal” of a sweater.  

Bulky-weight, 100% bouncy Baby Alpaca.  Ideal for heavy sweaters and cardigans, hats, cowls and accessories. Great for felted accessories as well. Lovely halo when knit up, creating bouncy and light-weight feeling items.

Material: 100% baby alpaca

100 g = apx 100 m

Needle size: 5 – 6 mm / 8 – 10 US

3 ply construction 

For a sweater in size  EU 38 you need ~ 700g of yarn

Care: Hand wash, gentle in cool water with pH neutral soap.  Do not agitate! While alpaca does not felt as easily as sheep’s wool, with enough heat and agitation it will.  

Notes: Due to the variation of water chemistry, your yarn may bleed a small amount – take care mixing colors and pre-washing your skein is recommended if knitting with contrasting colors.  

Always alternate rows and skeins for patterns using more that one skein.

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