Introducing Hassun – DK Weight

Dining in Japan is an experience, especially when one enjoys a kaiseki, or multi-course meal.  The hassun is traditionally the second course in this multi-course meal, which typically embraces the local, seasonal offerings.  I fell in love with Japan on my first trip there in 2014. I mean, I have always loved sushi, but the trip that we took opened my eyes to so much more – both the culture and the cuisine. I really am at a loss for words regarding how much I loved both the country and the food. So instead, here are some pictures:

Also, if anyone knows where I can get ahold of that Sake pictured (other than direct in Takayama), I would be eternally grateful!

On that note, let me introduce you to my Hassun: DK weight, 100% super-soft Baby Alpaca.  200 meters of soft squishiness, ideal for wraps, sweaters and cardigans (I’m looking at you, Norwegian!), and accessories. It is not too warm, not too thin, temperature-regulating and up to 5 times warmer than sheep’s wool.  

Material: 100% baby alpaca

100 g = apx 200 m

Needle size: 3 – 4 mm / 3 – 6 US

4 ply construction 

For a sweater in size  EU 38 you need ~ 500 g of yarn

Care: Hand wash, gentle in cool water with pH neutral soap.  Do not agitate! While alpaca does not felt as easily as sheep’s wool, with enough heat and agitation it will.  

Notes: Due to the variation of water chemistry, your yarn may bleed a small amount – take care mixing colors and pre-washing your skein is recommended if knitting with contrasting colors.  

Always alternate rows and skeins for patterns using more that one skein.

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