Introducing Aperitivo – Lace Weight

Over the next couple weeks I would like to introduce my yarn to you a bit more. As I mentioned previously, each yarn name is based on a small-food course from a culture I love. I make no claims of being an expert, I just want to share my joy that that region and food gives me. The way that I can express it is through yarn and recipes that I create that evoke happy memories.

Between now and the 7th of August all yarn in my store will be 15% off – no coupon needed! Please note, that I will not be able to ship the yarn until the following week.

I will slowly be adding more yarn to my store over the course of this weekend.

On that note, I would like to start with Aperitivo, my lace-weight yarn, as I am about to head off to Italy for summer vacation this weekend.

Visiting northern Italy is a real joy – I especially fell in love with the Aperitivo culture.  Technically, aperitivi are the pre-dinner drinks – but the culture behind it is so much more.  It is the slowing down, relaxing, being social and, yes, having a drink.  However, any visitor to Italy will quickly realize that drinks are never served alone.  There is always at least a small bite of something divine to go with it.  It can be as simple as a handful of olives and grissini (bread sticks) to little sandwiches stuffed with all manors of things.  I hope that knitting with APERITIVO will bring you the comfort, coziness and pleasure that a traditional aperitivo brings.  

Lace-weight, 100% super-soft Baby Alpaca.  800 meters of soft loveliness, ideal for shawls, scarves and other accessories. It is not too warm, not too thin, temperature-regulating and up to 5 times warmer than sheep’s wool. Lace patterns are especially elegant and hold well –  the stitch pattern is slightly blurred through the hairs, creating a particularly delicate and elegant look. Block well to open up any lace pattern.

Material: 100% baby alpaca

100 g = apx 800 m

Needle size: 2 – 3 mm / 1 – 3 US

2 ply construction 

For a sweater in size  EU 38 you need ~ 200 – 300g of yarn

Care: Hand wash, gentle in cool water with pH neutral soap.  Do not agitate! While alpaca does not felt as easily as sheep’s wool, with enough heat and agitation it will.  

Notes: Due to the variation of water chemistry, your yarn may bleed a small amount – take care mixing colors and pre-washing your skein is recommended if knitting with contrasting colors.  

Always alternate rows and skeins for patterns using more that one skein.

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