Coming soon…

…to an Etsy store near you:

Above is a sampling of what I have been busy with. Lots of dyeing. Lots of yarn. Tags are still being created, but we will go live beginning of August, right after I’m back from Food Nirvana (also called Sardinia and Turin).

I have really fallen in love with Alpaca yarn – it is so soft and squishy! Warmer than wool, yet lighter in weight. I currently have 4 bases of Baby Alpaca yarns in stock and one superwash Baby Merino. In August my supplier will *hopefully* have the sock yarn in stock, so I will be sure to get a ton of that – both in Alpaca and Merino. #nosuchthingastoomuchsockyarn

My yarns are all food-inspired (or course) and each base is named after a part of a meal, specifically of the small-plate variety, from places that I have travelled/worked/lived and fallen in love with:

  • APERITIVO – Baby Alpaca Lace
  • AMUSE – Baby Alpaca Fingering
  • HASSUN – Baby Alpaca DK
  • ZAKUSKA – Baby Alpaca Bulky
  • MEZE – Superwash Baby Merino Sport

The sock yarns are forthcoming, and I will also be able to offer the superwash merino in bulky and DK if requested.

In the next couple weeks I will introduce each of the above mentioned yarns in more detail, along with my inspiration for each. Stay tuned!

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