And we ate All the Things

Oh, Germany. How I love thee. The Christmas markets are like no other. I mean, I’ve been to some great ones outside of Germany (Prague is fabulous as well as Straßburg), but at home they are quite sad (I’m looking at you, Bern).

Germans know how to do Christmas. The Glühwein, the chocolate covered fruit, the beer, the Glühwein, the markets, the rides, did I mention the Glühwein???

Here we are in a Heidelberg, a gorgeous city any time of the year, but especially magical at Christmas. The markets here are charm and kitsch personified. And the beer. Oh the beer. At a tip from the receptionists our hotel (Hotel am Schloss),we headed out to the Kulturbraueri Heidelberg for dinner. It’s an gorgeous old building, with a fantastic traditional menu. I had the duck with dumplings and red cabbage, while my husband had the roast suckling pig. Beryl has Würstchen, of course. Fantastic. And the beer was just amazing. Really, really great. I tend to forget how good beer can be, living in Switzerland.

We then had much fun on the rides, drank more wine, and more beer.

And now, it’s time to get some sleep to clear my fuzzy head.

Tomorrow, it’s further north.

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