Along the Giessen

Finally!  My Along the Giessen Cowl is ready!  I’ve had some fantastic testers who helped a great deal making it possible. It’s been a while coming, but I wanted it to be tested properly.  

There’s a stream that runs through my neighborhood called the Giessen, which means to pour or water in German. It’s a defining feature of the area, filled with flora and fauna, despite being in the middle of town. Walking along its banks one sees all signs of wildlife and it is a perfect snapshot of the changing seasons. 

I designed the cowl to reflect the early autumn feeling that one sees there – The leaves are starting to fall, exposing the branches of the trees, yet there are still plenty of grasses and bushes along the banks, providing shelter for the (rather large) duck population. Each color with corresponding stitch pattern reflects a part of the Giessen, starting in the water and reaching to the treetops. 

This time of year also makes me want to bake (and eat) cookies – I crave something that goes well with a cup of tea. The Oatmeal Spice cookies are chewy and packed with energy. Personally, I have used a mix of 5 grains, but just oatmeal works just fine too. A good splash of Grand Marnier blends with the spices to create a heavenly, spiced, aroma.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry. buy now

In other news, I’ve finally joined Instagram!  About time, I know…you can find me as evaeatthisknitthat (someone else has “eatthisknitthat”!?!?!?!). 

And now, it’s back to working on my HUGE wrap that I am designing…Hopefully it will be ready for testing before I go on holiday!

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