Never Ending Knitting

Where are the recipes?  Where is the cooking?  Where is everything???

Completely gratuitous photo of Beryl eating, just to prove I have been cooking something.

Oh, I’ve been cooking like crazy for the past couple weeks, but sadly no time to photograph anything, or write anything up.  Everything has been a bit ad hoc and chaotic really. Every year, starting in September or so, a great pressure to Get Things Done washes over me – usually overwhelmingly so.  Often I get paralyzed by this pressure, but this year was different.  I took charge.  Now I feel so busy doing things that I don’t have time to breathe!

Mum’s hiding!

I have been running the test knit of the cowl over on Ravelry – hopefully it will be all done and ready to publish (along with a recipe) in a couple weeks.  I really have some fantastic knitters helping me out there.  These women are doing really fantastic work and am really looking forward to seeing their finished products!

No, really, it is COMPLETELY different from before!

Also in the knitting sphere, I’be been working on what I am (temporarily) calling my Alternative Advent shawl.  I have ripped this thing back 4 times already, but am hoping to get the pattern finalized in the next couple of days so I can participate in the general knit-alongs on Ravelry, specifically the one on the Miss Babs Fanatics forum.  The shawl is designed to use all 25 mini skeins of yarn, not necessarily a gradient, but rather a set of colors that look good together.  The Grand Plan is to knit one color a day…on each shawl – my blue/grey test version (pictured here) and one from the mystery package from Miss Babs Escher Advent set.  You know… on top of the typical holiday stuff, this will be totally possible!  (At least we’re not hosting Christmas this year)

Oh, and did I mention I have more plans to make Christmas cookies for everyone?  With my 3 year old’s help.  Yeah. That’ll take up no time at all…

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