Back in the saddle?

So here I am after more than a week of not posting at all – things have been super busy, and I kept saying to myself “self, tomorrow I will post something amazing” and then didn’t…because stuff and things.  Then I *just* read over on the Yarn Harlot her post about the French Lesson (long story short – it’s hard to get out of a self-made hole).  So I’m going to just post something – anything.

What’s. Been happening?  Lots and lots – as I mentioned before my parents were visiting.  I use past tense since they are now currently in Belgium to spend American Thanksgiving with my sister and her family and celebrate my nephew’s 9th birthday up there.  Then Mum will come back here next week for a bit more Swiss enjoyment (cold and grey – but man, have we got hot cheese!) while my stepfather flies back to the US to meet up with his sister and go on a Caribbean cruise.  (Side note: my mom is like me – the thought of being on a tin can in the middle of the water in hot weather with thousands of other people is stuff of nightmares)

In any case – last week was also my daughter’s 3rd birthday!  I made tons of cupcakes for the Kita (daycare) and cakes (yes, plural) for a party at home…then she got sick.  Super high fever, etc, etc…so no party.  Or rather, a very scaled back one.  We lumped it together with the Dutch Sinterklaas Intocht on TV.  She sat there and ate her cake a little (mostly the m&ms) and was a bit down still.  Fortunately, the next day she was right as rain and a happy kitten again.

So off the the Truffle Market in Murten! Super, super cold and damp (as always in autumn/winter in that town), but lots of yummy truffle-y goodness!  We bought truffle brie, truffle honey, truffle potato chips, truffle bison sausage and ate truffle risotto.  Oh…and I bought a black truffle as well, which is currently resting in a jar of risotto rice in my fridge waiting for this weekend.

Between it all, I have been frantically swatching and trying to come up with a pattern to knit with my Miss Babs Advent kit in December – I’ve been stash diving, and since I have an insane amount of blue yarn, I’m playing with that for the time being.  I hope to have it ready for testing before the first of December. (Yet another Grand Plan of mine…I’m just too ambitious/optimistic/delusional)



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