Procrastination and Inspiration

I’ve been searching for inspiration.  Well, that’s not exactly accurate.  You see, I have too IMG_9139much inspiration.  Everywhere.  For everything.  First, there is this nice little pile of yarn that I’ve been wanting to do something special with for the past 10 months (yes, I know it’s hidden in little baggies – that’s part of the surprise).


And I finally know what to do with that – it’s a cowl pattern that I am working on – hopefully I can give you a sneak peek next week (depending on my productivity early on – lots of things to do, many distractions and not much time).  But I am searching for a way to refine my inspiration right now.  It’s autumn – by far my favorite season.  Autumn to me mean gorgeous colors, yummy yarn, cool weather and time for baked goods and hearty stews.  It’s the weather for woolens and autumn produce.  The cool air and the warm sun.  OK…since this is Bern, the warm sun is more often than not preceded by a dense fog in the morning.  Fortunately, not this morning at least, since the day dawned as clear as the day ended yesterday.


But I digress.  All of this combined makes me want to cook and craft, yet I feel pulled in so many directions.  I want to cook, bake, weave and knit.  Most of all, I want to go outside and enjoy the colors and draw my inspiration from there.  Which is what I will do today.  Then I’ll work on refining my Faux Osso Bucco recipe for here another day, because weekends are for enjoying with the family.

IMG_9163On a side note, I tried making some healthy carrot-apple muffins, but I’m not terribly great at healthy creativity in the kitchen – my style is more James Martin and Julia Child than Jamie Oliver, or whoever is doing the healthy diet books these days.  Also, don’t get me wrong – I do love Jamie Oliver’s cooking, especially his 15 Minute Meals and the new Italian book.  But the healthy is for weeknights. Besides, my almost-3-year-old took a couple polite nibbles and then ignored them, after saying she “liked them, but no thank you.”  I’ll have to work on that recipe a bit more, I guess.

And so, I leave you with some photos of the gorgeous weather we are having this weekend!

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