And We’re Live!

Hello and welcome to Eat This, Knit That – a blog about the cozy life.  Everyone has a different definition of cozy, and ways to express it.  For me, it’s food and yarn.  Two obsessions I have, that I want to combine to make the world just a little bit cozier and a little bit yummier. While the main focus is of course on food and knitting, I plan on making it also a personal expression of the things I enjoy the most – so family, travel, science and wine are definitely a few topics among many that occupy my thoughts.   

I’m super excited to release my first pattern on Ravelry today: Pretty Kitty.  It’s a riff on the famous Pussy Hat, but well, not pink.  But go ahead and make it pink (send pics!) – because strength and femininity and empowerment are  I’ve been playing around with the idea of knitwear design for a while, and thought that a hat would be a good place to start.  Mostly because my daughter needed a new hat for the season and she’s in love with cats.


It’s a pretty, feminine hat in an eyelet pattern, knit in worsted weight yarn…with ears.  I’ve made two sizes – one for a toddler and one for an adult.  For the toddler size, I used Blue Moon Fibers Targhee Worsted, which is a super squishy yarn that is a joy to knit with.  I’ve already used the yarn for a sweater, and loved it so much, I knew that I had to use more of it!  While it isn’t super wash, it is super sturdy.

both3For the adult size, I used Miss Babs Big Silk – a better choice for adult than toddler.  It is just so soft and warm! I am a huge fan of Miss Babs yarn, but this was my first time using Big Silk.  It’s definitely a yarn I look forward to using more often. The color is Orb, which was a special edition color for the Miss Babs Knitting Tour 2017 edition.

I would love to see this knit up in some wild color, though!

FrontCookieIn addition to the hat pattern, I have included a recipe for my Chocolate Rum Bites – cookies that are so rich, and reminiscent of a brownie.  The rum flavor is not overly pronounced, but rather, it adds depth.  Plus, there’s not so much rum in them that they aren’t family-friendly.  To increase the depth of flavor, I added some dark brown sugar as well – it takes a bit longer to properly incorporate the coarse sugar into the butter, but the wait it definitely worth it.  To top the cookies off, I have coated them with coconut flakes, which harmonizes with the rum and adds a nice crunchy contrast to the chewy cookie.  Enjoy!


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