Banana Bread

Oh, what a week.  My in-laws have been visiting, my husband working long hours, and we’ve all been trying to recover from a never-ending cold.  Not much has been done on the cooking or knitting front sadly.  This week our extended, gorgeous autumn has finally ended.  All the ski lifts closed down this past weekend, but the weather prevented us from even trying for one … Continue reading Banana Bread

Faux Osso Bucco

After an amazing weekend enjoying the autumn weather, I am back in the kitchen and ready to make some rich dishes.  I love Osso Bucco Milanese – it is one of my favorite dishes on a cool autumn evening.  Paired with a luxurious saffron risotto, it isn’t always a feast for the eye, but it is one for the tastebuds.  When you want to impress, … Continue reading Faux Osso Bucco

Procrastination and Inspiration

I’ve been searching for inspiration.  Well, that’s not exactly accurate.  You see, I have too much inspiration.  Everywhere.  For everything.  First, there is this nice little pile of yarn that I’ve been wanting to do something special with for the past 10 months (yes, I know it’s hidden in little baggies – that’s part of the surprise).   And I finally know what to do … Continue reading Procrastination and Inspiration